Comparing The Culture Of Bread Givers And There Eyes Were Watching God

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Comparing the Culture of “Bread Givers” and “There Eyes Were Watching God” Family is a major foundation of the human structure. Through this structure, much of our comprehension of life and its complexity are attained. Another important aspect of our foundation is culture. Culture is a set of shared beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that are usually learned within specific social groups. While our backgrounds and skin tones may give us a physical distinction, from a cultural standpoint we’re often mirror images of each other. The similarities of cultures are seen in the stories “Bread Givers” and “The Eyes Were Watching God”. The main characters in these stories are of different ethnicities, however their traditions are comparable. Both characters are from impoverished families and the cultures are predominantly male dominated. Bread Givers is the story of Sara Smolinsky, a young Jewish girl growing up in New York City in the early twentieth century. In the story “The Eyes Were Watching God”, Janie Crawford is an African American girl growing up in Florida. From a traditional standpoint, the culture attempts to play an important role in the lives of Sarah and Janie. Every major decision is usually made by the parent, which is usually a direct derivative from their respective cultures. In Janie’s case she lives with her grandmother, but as you will realize does everything equally to what a man normally does. Sarah’s father enforces his set of beliefs unto his daughter by telling her who she should love and marry. Her father uses Judaism to impose his will, but Sarah rejects this notion. She refuses to accept the Torah’s idea that without a man, a woman is “less than nothing” (Bread Givers, 205). Janie’s Grandmother, Nanny also believes that men are the dominant of the sexes. Just as Sarah’s did she tells Janie who she should marry. Upon believing Janie‘s ready

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