Comparing Co-Workers and Motivation Essay

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Case 5.1: Comparing Co-Workers against Each Other: Does this Motivate Employees Cheryl Hull Florida Institute of Technology Organizational Behavior and Management Professor Steven Seay July 24, 2012 Abstract A performance review is supposed to be a time to reflect on how an employee has or has not fulfilled the expectations of the manager and the individual goals that were set. They are supposed to be a time of learning and mentorship. Some techniques used to assess an employees performance are rating scales, narrative techniques, comparison methods, and 360° feedback (Kokemuller, 2012). All of the techniques have pros and cons so it can’t be said that one is more effective of truly judging an employee’s work ethic and therefore more adept at evaluating the recognition that an employee should get. In a study by Eric Mosley (2012), it was found that “45% of human resources leaders don't think annual performance reviews are an accurate appraisal for employees' work. And 42% don't think employees are rewarded fairly for their job performance”. In this case presentation, the technique of ranking of employees by General Electric (G.E.) and Yahoo! are looked at. Both companies have used ranking scales and are now looking for a more inovative way to rank employees but still foster a motivational atmosphere. In the past, G.E. has used a 20/70/10 split which required managers to place employees into one of the three groups thus comparing employees against one another (Ivancevich, Konopaske, Matteson, 2011). Yahoo! used a similar ranking system but compared employees against a standard, not against each other (Ivancevich et al., 2011). The importance of rank is what determines any excess compensation that the employee receives, however, ranking employees can also be detrimental to teamwork and morale. Question 1 In my opinion, forced ranking

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