Comparing Chris Moyles Show to Heart Breakfast

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Media Research - Music Radio Production Chris Moyle’s Show (Radio 1) The Chris Moyle’s show was possibly the most popular show on Radio 1. The show started in 2004 when Chris became the presenter of the show and it was Radio 1’s longest running show. The shows target audience is 15-29 year olds even though Chris Moyles is a lot older, being 38. The stations controller has been under pressure from the BBC to make the stations audience younger which Chris had helped to do. However the average audience member is 33 years old. The shows content has more talk than music. It has discussions and opinions, interviews, jingles and local and worldwide news updates in the form of bulletins. The radio station mainly plays current mainstream music while mixing a variety of genres, including alternative, rap, hip hop, rock, house electronic, dance, drum and base, dubstep and various pop. The presenters are often criticized for “waffling” during their shows. There is an average of eight songs for the three and a half hours of airtime and the show contains a lot of humour and is very informal and laid back. There are always points in the show where the presenters will invite audience members to text in or use social networking sites to get involved, also Chris makes up a load of games for this audience to get involved in. During the show there are usually two or three special guests, or mystery guests which Chris isn’t aware of but his co presenters are. Then Chris will spend a while trying to figure out who the guest is and he will ask his audience to get involved and help out with trying to guess who his guests are. The guests are always well knows celebrities that appeal to wide varieties of the public, a few examples are Alan Carr, David Tennant and Robbie Williams. When the guests come in they will be interviewed and it’s all just laid back and really informal. However

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