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Comparing and Contrasting Three Theories Essay

  • Submitted by: savage18
  • on August 7, 2012
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Comparing and Contrasting Three Theories of Crime Causation

Delicia M. Bradwell
Sharon Plotkin- 10
Everest University Online


This paper sees the sights of the similarities along with differences on three different types of speculation of crime causation. Criminals who have at a point of time stumble upon tribulations such as nervous tension as well as being intellectual and furthermore disturbing involving the mentality may lead to crime causation. Chastisement may also cause psychological problems. These criminals are complementary to be expected to obligate crime. Behavioral Theory, Cognitive, and Psychodynamic Theory are all classified underneath the Psychological Theory. Each of the 3 branches is poles away from each other but they also relate to one another when it draw closer up to criminal behavior along with how we can be in command of as well as be aware of the origin of crime. This paper will help you examine the comparing and contrasting of the three theories that are classified in the Psychological Theory.

    Psychology is illustrated as the knowledge of existence with seeks to loosen the difficulty of human behavior.   Psychology has urbanized a number of theories to report and clarify the traits and characteristic of human behavior it contradicted. This explains the comparison and differences of the psychodynamic, behavioral, and cognitive theories.
      Behavioral Theory is the subsequent division of psychological theory and is well-read in the course of others (Siegel & Worrall, 2012). Behavioral theory is also simple to build up depending on the proceedings of others. Behavior is usual which can make being discipline a good deal smother. Behavioral theory is relevance to the social learning theory. “Social learning theory is the view that human behavior is learned through observation of human social interactions, either directly from those in close proximity or indirectly from the media” (Siegel...

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