Comparing and Contrasting the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty

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Andres Briseno April 28, 2012 History 101 Comparing and Contrasting the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty The Imperial Roman Empire (31 BCE- 476 CE) and Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE) are two of the the best empires of all time and were the best in their times. They both had many similarities and differences. During this time when the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty were ruling, both empires were similar politically. Both Empires had some form of highly centralized bureaucracy. The Roman Empire had territories governed by army generals and governors to help maintain regions in the Roman Empire, as well as senators to be in assistance to the citizens of the district. The Han Dynasty had a well-organized bureaucracy with set governors and bureaucrats running different regions of Asia just like the Roman Empire. Rome and Han had very comparable size and scale of their regions, but were different in which part of the land they had ruled, Rome had ruled lands all along the seacoast of the Mediterranean while the Han Dynasty ruled vast landmass and used their rivers for trade. Both the empires used violent conquest to unite their empire into one bigger empire. On the economic side both empires depended on agriculture as the bases of their economics. The Roman Empire centered on large plantation called Latifunda , this employed slaves and produced various crops for trading. Different areas in the Roman Empire produced different type of goods. The city of Gaul produced vineyards for fruit and wine, the northern part of Africa and Spain were used to produce olive oil , and all along the coast they fished for seafood. As well as importing wheat from Egypt. The trade expanded during the Pax Romana in the second century using the roads and the Mediterranean sea lanes. Extensive trade led to a network of new roads and routes, which led to the innovation of using coins

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