Comparing and Contrasting Brave New World and the United States

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NAME class teacher Date World State vs. United States The United States and Huxley's World State in Brave New World have many differences in social issues, social classes, and religion. The World State solves most social issues by dispensing the drug soma to its citizens unlike the United States who does not resort to drugs to solve its social issues. The World State also has a rigid caste system with five castes. Like the World State, the United States has social classes, but the classes are flexible. Citizens can move freely between classes. There are many diverse religions in the U.S, but the World State is opposed to all religions. The United States and the World State share few similarities in most aspects of life. The World State does not face many social issues but the ones that are present can be easily resolved with soma. When one is sad soma is the answer to ones problems. "A gramme in time saves nine," (Huxley 59) and "One cubic centimetre cures ten gloomy sentiments," (Huxley 60) are both referring to soma. The first quote explains that if the drug is taken when one first begins to feel happy then it will save more soma further on. The second shows that gram of soma can cure one of ten gloomy thoughts or feelings. The World State dispenses soma to the people so they will stay happy. Happy people make consumption rise which means the World State makes money. The United States does not give out drugs for free. One way legal way the citizens of the United States can make themselves forget their worries is through alcohol. However, only citizens above the age of twenty-one can use this method. Unlike the World State, these citizens have to purchase their own alcohol. Alcohol is not dispensed to the people for free. The World State almost forces its citizens to be happy giving out free soma, but the U.S does not give drugs to its people for free.
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