Comparing American Poetry

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Comparing American Poetry By dictionary definition poetry is the art of a written or spoken rhythmical composition for exciting pleasure by imaginative or beautiful thoughts. Poetry is a writing technique which is used by humanity to cleanse the soul. Poetry has been used by societies all over the world for several centuries to express what physical actions alone could not. Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson brought new monumental styles to American poetry. Comparing and contrasting the poetry written by Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson is the motive of this essay. Walt Whitman was born May 31st, 1819 and passed away on March 26th, 1892. Whitman who was not shy was a very well known man who had great success during his lifetime. Whitman one of nine children and came from a very poor family thus had to leave school at age 11 to help support his family. He was a man that never attended college. A printer's devil, a editor of several different newspapers, a teacher, a clerk, and at last a poet where his careers. He believed that humans belonged to one another and that humans should not hurt one another. Walt Whitman also believed that no matter how much agony one would receive he was willing to feel what the others felt. He wrote poems that were sentimental, ornate, and empathetic. Whereas Emily Dickinson story is complete opposite of Walt Whitman. Dickinson was born December 10th, 1830 and passed away May 15th, 1886. Her lifespan is considered much shorter than Whitman by 17 years to be exact. She had studied botany since the age of nine. Emily came from a very wealthy family and never had to really work to support herself or family. While Emily Dickinson was in high school she was labeled "a mourner among the children". In her later years she was noted for always wearing a white dress which was rumored that she wore in preparation for her wedding day.

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