Comparing Aleander, Augustus, And Constantine

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Leaders That Changed the World Alexander the Great, Caesar Augustus, and Constantine were without a doubt three of the most influential leaders of ancient times. Their ambition and achievements have had a permanent impact on western civilization, shaping it into what it is now. Whether it was the military prowess of Alexander, the social and political reforms of Augustus, or the religious enthusiasm of Constantine, all of these men helped shaped the western civilization into what it is today. In terms of military ability, all three of these men were gifted commanders. Alexander however is the one who is most recognized due to his military achievements. From early on Alexander’s military prowess could be seen with the destruction of Thebes in order to control rebellion. In 334 BC he crossed to Asia Minor with 32,000 infantry and 5,100 cavalry. He quickly took over Asia Minor, Syria, and Palestine while pushing back the Persians. He later marched into Egypt where he was welcomed as a savior. One of the most important battles was the battle at Gaugamela, in which Alexander finally defeated Darius III. Alexander eventually goes on all the way to India until he decides to return. His military prowess is important because it unifies the East and West. He establishes a multiracial kingdom in which he sets to establish a unity of common Greek culture. Caesar Augustus was also known as a good military commander. Following Caesar’s death, Augustus along with Mark Antony and Lepidus, defeated Caesar’s murderers in 42 BC at Philippi. After this the Mediterranean was divided with Augustus controlling the west, Antony controlling the east, and Lepidus controlling Africa. Later Octavian defeats Lepidus and controls Africa. In order to take over the east, Augustus brilliant propagandizes Rome and Italy against Marc Antony and Cleopatra. This eventually led to the battle at

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