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The X Factor is full of wannabies who have no interest in music but every interest in easy fame and fortune. It reduces some great talent to conform to the same, dull, non-creative output that Cowell dictates. In recent years, TV talent shows have burst onto our screens with a vengeance. With most showing ordinary members of the public competing for a large sized prize There is no doubt about it, talent shows like X Factor offer successful competitors an open door into the music industry, and a chance to become recognised. TV talent shows can be ruthless in their evaluations of a contestant's performance. Judges have been seen in genuine hysterics over a poor act, often unable to hide their bemusement. Simon Cowell, the guru of TV talent shows, is well known for his refusal to hold back when he delivers his judges' comment. In an environment a little like a modern day freak show, it is this sort of behaviour which, in part, adds to the entertainment levels of a programme. Whether we care to admit to it or not, the truth is that many of us delight in watching the appallingly bad TV talent show TV talent shows really do believe that they have what it takes to make it big, however deluded their beliefs may be. The truth can hurt, and the fact that it is experienced in a very public setting can make the knock appear even harder. Even though they may only appear on our screens for a mere few minutes, these contestants may have spent years believing that success is around the corner, waiting in the wings. Cutting remarks or sniggering from the judges and audience, or even the truth spelled out in a no-nonsense manner can crush hopes and dreams in an instant. But it can take much longer than an instant for the real person behind the act to get over it. For those who can take rejection and a few knocks, then perhaps there is nothing wrong with entering a TV talent

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