Comparing 2 Articles: The Crisis of July 1914 and Conclusions, by V.R. Berghahn, and The Origins of the War, by Samuel R. Williamson Jr.

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Given the two articles, “The Crisis of July 1914 and Conclusions,” by V.R. Berghahn, and “The Origins of the War,” by Samuel R. Williamson Jr., it is said that Germany has to take much, if not all the blame for the beginning of World War I. In other texts, I have found that the four main causes of the war were: nationalism, militarism, imperialism, and the alliance system. However, is it really that simple? World War I has been studied for many years by many different scholars, journalists, and historians, all who have different opinions. It is a very controversial subject that can often end up in a great debate. The first article, titled “The Crisis of July 1914 and Conclusions,” by V.R. Berghahn presented that the beginning of the war was all Germany’s fault, because of the precautions taken by them to defend their nation. Although both authors agree on the fact that Germany bears much of the responsibility, this author emphasizes that it is all Germany’s fault. Berghahn’s main point was that the decision made by the Kaiser to activate the “Schlieffen Plan” was one that changed everything. This plan called for a small troop deployment against Russia while the rest of the German army would invade western France, by way of Belgium. When France was defeated, the plan was then for the German army to deploy to the east, against Russia. However, because of the ultimatum given to Belgium on August 2, 1914, by France, war was declared between the two countries on August 3. The ultimatum stated that German troops were to be allowed to pass through Belgian territories. This argument has no real basis to me, because although it was Germany’s troops who were being fought over, the actual disagreement was between two other countries. This author then goes on to mention that on August 4, Great Britain declares war on Germany, solely because they wanted to maintain world power
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