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Compare Windows 7 To Vista To Xp Essay

  • Submitted by: ghostchild36
  • on February 9, 2012
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Compare Windows 7 to Vista to XP

Comparing Windows 7 to Vista to XP

      Microsoft Windows XP the XP is short for experience it was released to the world on October 25, 2001. When it was released it was the most highly anticipated operating system on the market. It was introduced in two styles Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional. (1) “Most of the feature where the same in home and professional, but the difference was that Windows XP Professional edition incorporated various feature to support communications, mobility, as well as remote help and support. Some of the support feature for home was easy setup, auto-configuration connections options.” It came standard with Internet Explorer 6 as the default web browser. (1)Bill Gates said, “Simply put, Windows XP is the best operating System Microsoft has ever built.” (2)   “It was built on the momentum of the internet and digital media with the improvements that increase productivity and provide both business and home users with an easy to use exciting PC experience.” Windows XP Professional could either be installed on a single pc or throughout a worldwide network because it was built on a common code base. Do to this may it more cost effective for the business users to own. (3) “It was the key operating system for Microsoft to Vista was released in 2006. One of XP’s remarkable claims to fame is that when buying a new computer with either Vista or Windows 7, many users have elected to revert or downgrade to Windows XP. Microsoft made this option available only as result of significant pressure from customers. In July of 2010, Microsoft extends to further the rights of PC buyers to revert to XP. But Microsoft has retained other time limits. Manufactures can include XP on new netbook computers only until October 2010. And Microsoft is scheduled to cease security and other updates on XP in 2014. Today, a remarkable nine years after its release, XP remains the World’s most popular Operating System, with more...

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