Compare Why Were There Wars Between Lancastrians And Yorkists

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Key issue: Why were there wars between Lancastrians and Yorkists? Indicative content - Henry VI, “Undermighty” monarchy and “Overmighty” subjects (especially Warwick) - Issues between Lancastrians and Yorkists -The reasons for intermittent warfare up to 1470 Why did the Wars of the Roses break out/ why did Henry fall? Stage 1 Long term - Growth in power of nobility The 14th Century had seen growth in power of the nobles. Nobles were particularly important and they played a key role in enforcement of justice and created a magnate class who married into the royal family and kept retainers. These nobles expected a monopoly of influence over the king. As a result, the king had to perform a balancing act between expectations of the nobles and the King’s own freedoms of action to appoint his own councillors. The King needed to stop one faction from dominating and not exclude people of royal blood, something that Henry would struggle with. Although Henry was not directly responsible for the growth in power of the nobility, many of his actions certainly exacerbated the problem. More powerful nobles meant hat Henry had to dispense patronage fairly or risk upsetting and isolating powerful nobles. Unfortunately for him, his clear favouritism towards…show more content…
Whilst this played a key role in the Wars of the Roses breaking out, Henry’s ability to isolate important nobles went a long way towards explaining the Lancastrians defeat in 1461. - The role of Warwick The decision of Warwick to switch sides was particularly momentous. He had money, castles and retainers in England, and given his time as Captain of Calais he could command the support of the largest garrison of English soldiers. He effectively led the Yorkist invasion in 1460 and his belated involvement at Towton helped the Yorkists claim
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