compare two university Essay

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Manchester University And Newcastle University : A Contrast and Opinion There are many universities in the world and each university has advantages and disadvantages and you have your choice of what university you want to go. In order to decide you have to choose two universities at least and compare between them. This essay is compare between Newcastle University (Australia) and Manchester University (UK). The comparative will be in the first paragraph about academic excellence and that's involving history, quality of teacher and library and in the second paragraph the comparative will be about university experience and that's involving location and religion and faith. Manchester and Newcastle University are the top one hundred universities in the world because the education system is very high and because of that these two universities are options for many students. Manchester University has established in 1824 while Newcastle University established in 1965 that's mean Manchester University 200 years older than Newcastle University and that's of course affect in quality of teacher and quality of courses .Manchester University has a good teachers they have high qualification and they assessments as the excellent teachers in UK . Also Newcastle University has a good teacher. However, Manchester University awarded 23 Nobel Prize to staff and students past and present in different subject, while Newcastle University just awarded two Nobel Prize it is 21 prizes different and I think that's because Manchester University has a long experience and the services for example: library. Manchester University has a massive library with 4 million printed books and 500 thousand electronic books and it's the second biggest library in UK and it's the first reference for the scientists and researcher, Whereas Newcastle University has regular library as any university library with
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