A Comparison Of Thuy Linh And Dieu Linon

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Friends is the key to a honesty life. I have two close friends like that. Both of them are interesting although they are difficulty. My two friends is alike in only two ways, they have a same name: Thuy Linh and Dieu Linh. In addition, both of them are frank. They always give me some advises when they think I do something wrong. It is really great. And they ask me do the same thing. Truthlly, I feel happy because they believe me like that. However, they are different in many ways. Thuy Linh have some habits and some thought like me but Dieu Linh have not anyone. Therefore, she like complains when she does not like some thing, it is her habit. At a result, I has more argument with her. Most of the days, we almost fight. In contrast Thuy Linh
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