Compare the Ways Poets Present Isolated Characters in 'the Hunchback in the Park' and One Other Poem from 'Character and Voice'. Essay

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Question: Compare the ways poets present isolated characters in 'The Hunchback in the park' and one other poem from 'Character and Voice'. In this essay I will be comparing 'The Hunchback In The Park' and 'The Clown Punk' and how the poets present the isolated characters. The hunchback is different from everyone else physically and mentally. As a result he is isolated and spends his days in the park. He is tormented by the local children and his life is miserable, lonely and full of fear. In the poem he gets describes as 'A solitary mister' which reflects on the fact that he is isolated from the society. Similarly 'The Clown Punk' is a piteous man who is not accepted by the society because of his identity and the way he looks. In the poem the narrator describes him as a 'basket of washing' which empathises on the fact that he is not respected and made fun of. The structures of both poems have been written to convey the isolation of the characters for example the poet in T.H.I.T.P has divided the poem into seven stanzas, each consist of six lines. The punctuation in the poem is irregular which could represent the instability in hunchbacks life. Whereas in the clown punk the poem consists of a single stanza that has 24 lines. The poem becomes ironic as it doesn't match the sonnet form in which it has been written. In The Clown Punk the narrator says 'towing a dog on a rope' which represents him as an outsider. This could also suggest that he is homeless,poor and a very lonely man. Because of his appearance he is looked down on. 'The sad tattoos of high punk' mark his failure therefore he is an outcast to the people that view him as they have no respect for him. In addition in T.H.I.T.P the narrator says that the hunchback drinks 'water from the chained cup' this represents the hunchback as being a prisoner in his own body because 'nobody chained him up'
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