Compare the Relationship Between Aunt Alexandra and Scout

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Relationship between Aunt Alexandra and Scout in ‘To kill a mockingbird’ "Aunt Alexandra fitted into the world of Maycomb like a hand in a glove, but never into the world of Jem and me." Aunt Alexandra has been brought up with strict ideals of ‘being a lady’. She would have been brought up with restrictive behaviour and dress codes. Her world was one of black slaves serving her family. It is abhorrent to her personal values that Scout should be allowed to behave in her free-spirited ways dressing in boys clothing. To Aunt Alexandra, Scout must seem like rather a common and even feral child but since she is her niece she cannot simply ignore her or dismiss her as she does the Cunninghams. Scout is a source of embarrassment and shame to Aunt Alexandra. Jem and Scout can wear loose, comfortable clothes and play freely. They have developed imagination and Scout is indulges in intelligent discussion with her father. This further alienates Scout and Aunt Alexandra from each other. Scout has been taught by Atticus to ‘walk around in their skin’ to see how it feels to be another person and why they make the choices that they do. She has a questioning mind for so young a child and Aunt Alexandra’s racist attitude and obvious distain for Scout is doubtless a reason for Scout’s anger and frustration towards her. Aunt Alexandra may have been brought with ‘genteel’ values and restrictive codes of conduct but with all this she is a forceful personality and manages to impose her will on Atticus by announcing her move, without consultation, to the Finch family home. She states that her intentions are to ‘ease the burden’ on Atticus of running the home but she also wishes to impose her will of changing the upbringing of Jem and in particular Scout to her ways. Her further assumption of becoming a new mother figure to the children without even considering that

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