Compare the Methods Poets Use to Present a Interesting Character in Singh Songh and Checking Out Me History

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Compare the methods that poets use to create an interesting character in “Singh Song!” and another poem from character and voice (“Checking out Me History”). Both poems are dramatic monologues and have a conversational tone. The poems are written in free verse and this has connotations to the way that the characters have confusion over their identity. The irregular stanza lengths show the various cultural differences between the poems. In the poem “Singh Song!”, the poet uses repetition to show the persona of Singh as being very personal and intimate when he spends the little time that he has with his “newly bride”. The repetition of the word “baby” tells the reader that Singh is happy being married to his wife and that he gives her a high status in his life. The repetition of “my bride” is triple refrained which perhaps suggests that Singh has a surprising nature about his wife. This creates an interesting character as it tells us that he is willing to stop working and go against his father’s orders just to spend time with his wife. Despite the criticism he receives from his customers, Singh seems to hold his wife as a major and main priority in his life and could suggest that his emotional and mental wellbeing depends on his wife. Likewise in “Checking out Me History” the poet also uses repetition. However, the repetition of the word “Dem” (which is probably school teachers), shows that he is directly addressing them and could perhaps show that he feels strongly about the fact that black history is not taught in schools and is forgotten about. It could suggest that he could be blaming them for not teaching about black history. This creates an interesting character as it portrays the character’s passion and will for teachers to teach black history in schools and also shows the amount of pride that the character has for his culture and how he wants people to
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