Compare the Functionalist and Marxists Theories of Society Essay

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Functionalism and Marxism are both different sociological perspectives that state theories about society, these theories attempt to explain how society influences people and how people influence society. These two ideologies however are very different. Functionalists see society as based on value consensus, this means agreements. They believe society is held together by a shared culture. Sharing the same culture integrates individuals into society by giving them a sense of solidarity with others. In which this enables members to agree on goals and how to achieve them, this would result in allowing them to act and co-operate harmoniously, through social order. Functionalists believe that society could be studied scientifically. They study society on a macro scale, in which they generalise their ideas to the overlooking society, they study human behaviour and how it is shaped by the social structure i.e they look at what education does for society as a whole not just an individual. Functionalists views society is like an organism, they view it as a social system of interconnected parts, for example like the human body and how it functions, i.e the body needs the heart and lungs and brain to work together to stay alive. This symbolises how all parts of the social system work together to make social order, each part has an important function or role in which depends on one another. Each part performs functions that contribute to the well being of society as a whole, for example the family reproduce the population and performs the function of primary socialisation while the education system equips us with the knowledge and skills needed for work. Overall functionalists do not see any inequality as a problem In comparison, Marxists completely disagree with Functionalists; they are extremely negative about society and believe it is based on inequality and conflict,
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