Compare the Examination of Abnormal Psychology

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Compare The Examination Of Abnormal Psychology English Literature Essay The abnormal mental state of the narrators in both Browning’s poetry and in Banks’ novel, The Wasp Factory, is intrinsic in achieving the gothic style. Whilst the protagonists’ insanity is more implicit in Browning’s poetry, the narrators, nevertheless, display similar characteristics of psychosis and delusion. Indeed, this madness disconnects the characters from the rest of society, and this element of monstrosity is vital in creating the intrigue and terror that ensues. Inclusion of such monstrous figures destabilises the ‘natural order’: it challenges the fixed social structures and ideology, and becomes inconsistent with what the majority considers both acceptable and intelligible. Yet, whilst on the surface gothic works may appear to reinforce these seemingly grotesque characteristics, in many respects, through exposing the ‘unnatural’, they deconstruct the illogical, and thereby attempt to create a set of social norms. The first chapter of The Wasp Factory, The Sacrifice Poles, serves as a warning to the reader that they are entering into the domain of Frank’s psyche. The unconventional behaviour she displays is evident through her intentional replacement of common nouns with proper nouns: for instance, the capitalisation of words such as ‘Factory’ and ‘Poles’. Essentially this represents the objects which Frank views as significant in the private world that she has constructed for herself. Frank’s tendency to fantasise is further demonstrated through the naming of her catapult- “The Black Destroyer”. In fact, Frank goes beyond symbolism- for instance she assigns the house with humanistic attributes through personification: “powerful body buried in the rock”. Of course, this description may well be representative of the dark life she lives, in regards to both her social isolation and the
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