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1. The Declaration of Independence was what women and African Americans were fighting for. They were fighting for their rights and freedom to live in a society that was not only created for people of certain gender or color but for society as a whole. The Declaration of Independence paved a way for their voices to be heard. It spelled out their long desires to be equally apart of a country that they too had labored in. It laid the foundation to which other great things would soon follow. The overall intent of the Declaration of Independence was freedom. The Revolution would finally give African Americans a chance to born, live and die a free people, not owed by another, and not looked upon as a servant. Women would have a chance to let their voices be heard. Their ideas no longer had to be hidden but heard and they no longer had to be a quiet part of society. I believe the main intent for all involved in writing the Declaration of Independence was freedom. The Western World finally wanted to be free from the hands of the mother land. They were oppressed people being made into puppet only to benefit Great Britain and it was time for a change. What they did know at the time that it took a whole set of people to go up against the mother country and win. They could not be divided and therefore joined together and united as one to over throw their oppressor. The declaration spelled out the rights that belong to all men. It opened by showing a moral obligation to men. It clearly states that men are born equal and because they are equal they inherent equal rights to life, freedom, and to pursue happiness. They had the right to denounces and change any government that prevented them in doing so and to establish a new government that looked out for their best interest. They declared that it was the Christian thing to do and they could no longer deny that which was

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