Compare the Attitudes to Love of Othello and Desdemona in Othello.

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Compare the attitudes to love of Othello and Desdemona Othello had a very unusual attitude towards love. In my opinion he never really loves Desdemona, as he falls in and out of love with her extremely quickly, and has absolutely no problem with killing her so she doesn’t harm any other men, when in fact she never harmed anyone in the first place. Othello is extraordinarily jealous, to the point where he would murder the woman he is supposedly in love with. However, Desdemona is much more romantic and affectionate. She seems to have fallen in love with Othello purely for the fact he has had a lot of adventures. Desdemona could be thought of as very naive, as she stays clueless to Othello’s feelings up until she dies, when she still doesn’t have much idea of why he’s killing her. Desdemona defended Othello right up until her death, as she was still in love with him. She called him ‘my kind lord’ right before she died despite the fact that he murdered her, perhaps showing her naivety and oblivion to his flaws. However, both Desdemona and Othello failed to think for themselves regarding love. Had Othello thought for himself whether Desdemona would really cheat on him, he could have kept them both alive, but instead he acted irrationally and caused a lot of distress. Desdemona was head over heels for Othello, but for what solid reasons? She barely knew him; she just fell in love with the adventurous person he portrayed himself as. Her father died of shock at the relationship, and there seemed to be far too many conflicting opinions between her and Othello. They both seemed to want different things from each other; Othello wanted a ‘perfect’ wife and this image was ruined by his excessive sexual jealousy and his tendency to believe whatever he was told without questioning it. Desdemona on the other hand, wanted a husband she could adore and look up to, and who could
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