Compare the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Street You Live on for Different Social Groups

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In this assessment I will be looking at and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the street I live on for different social groups. The road I will be comparing to City Road will be the road that I live on, in a small wealthy village just outside of Oxford. The village is mostly made up of the older generation, with most shops and cafes in the village aimed toward this market. Unlike City Street, Willis Road is still stuck in the past, with a vintage café and hairdressers marketed specifically at the elderly. It is unlikely that on my street you will see any teenagers or young children, with only one park in the whole village and no recreational spots many young couples with children decide to live elsewhere. In this sense the social group most benefiting on my street are the elderly, however with a bus service running only once an hour many of them lose out on being independent and often rely on others to do things for them. The curbs on this road are very high, with severe potholes in some places and an uneven surface all the way along. This means that the disabled, for instance, may struggle getting around the village. Most of the shops do not cater for the disabled, with no ramps in place and often not enough room inside to manoeuvre a wheelchair about. Many of the disabled community living on Willis Road feel like their needs just aren’t being catered for and that they are trapped in their own homes. There is one large church at the far end of the street, it is hidden and out of the way but most people in the village go there regularly and it is a focal point for our community. City Street is a modern and socially dynamic street with shops and attractions for a wide range of social groups, however Willis Road is not. The village I live in began life as nothing more than empty fields, which were eventually turned into a small collection of large houses

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