Compare Source C and D as Evidence for Reactions to a Speech by Hitler 2006 Paper

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Sources A and D have different reactions and opinions towards the speech by Hitler, neither sources agree with each other but offer different reactions as evidence of feelings towards it. The sources offer complete opposite reactions to the speech with source an offering a more positive reaction whereas D contrasts this with a negative attitude to Hitler’s speech. Source A talks of Hitler’s as being a rescuer “he would rescue them” this reaction is evidence towards how people thought Hitler was the savour for German and he would pull the out after the effects of the treaty of Versailles. This contrast with Source D as it does not display the same signs of gratitude and thankfulness instead it suggests the speech worried many citizens “his speech made a terrifying impression on us”. Although these sources both provide evidence of the reactions the author’s opinion could have reason to be more biased than others. Source A would be classed as a more reliable source as it was not only written by a schoolteacher at the time it was her immediate reaction this links to the question as it was a reaction to the speech not a formed opinion. Also being a school teacher suggests that she would be more likely to have a similar reaction to many other normal citizens in German at the time. Source D was written by a deputy of the SPD, this would immediately change the persons reaction to the speech as he was from an opposing party. The language in the sources is also interests as the reactions change the extremity of the words used. For example source A uses very enthusiastic words to describe the reaction for example the repetition of roaring. The writer also uses the phrases “unbearable distress” this is quite extreme and may suggest to the reader that the author was a strong support of Hitler already. The language also contrasts with source D as the language is very dark
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