Compare Shopping Online to Traditional Shopping

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Kala Townsel 1207693 Sp 180 Principles of Public Speaking Assignment 6: Outline for Speech December 21, 2012 What I See As the Biggest Challenges Young Adults Face Today A. My general purpose for this essay is to show readers what difficulties and challenges young adults face in the world today. B. My specific purpose is to read on the challenges adults face and find some way that I may help in any way that I can. C. The central idea of my essay is to prove through research about the problems that many young adults are being hit with right out of high school or early twenties. I. Introduction a. Is going to college the right path for young adults? b. Young people, not knowing much about the world yet, want what they see and they want it now. How is materialism influencing young people? c. When getting ready to vote for the first time, how does one know how to vote without being way sided by influences? II. Body of Paper d. What obstacles do young people face when wondering about college? i. Colleges cost a lot of money, how can young adults afford it? ii. Is it better to go to college right after high school or wait till you late thirties or older? e. Is being materialistic overpowering young people’s minds in today’s society? iii. Does society over-promote materialistic items? iv. Do children who grow up with getting everything they want grow into young adults with a materialistic mindset? v. How does being materialistic draw many young people into debt at an early age? f. How does a young person know what to decide when being faced about voting for the first time? vi. A lot of people wait till mid-twenties to vote, instead of voting when they turn eighteen. Is this because they are too lazy to register or because they feel they are

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