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Dolce et Decorum Est is the First World War poem I am going to compare translated means “ It is sweet and fitting to die for ones country “This poem has 4 unequal stanzas, the 1st two are in sonnet form and the second two are looser in structure. This is because the poem has two parts of the story. In the first stanza the Soldiers are limping back from the front line such is their wretched condition they are compared to old beggars, yet they are young men. The men are exhausted from the lack of sleep ‘men marched asleep’ and their once smart uniforms resemble sacks ‘bent double like old beggars under sacks’ second stanza is about the action focuses on the man who cannot get his gas mask on and is drowning in a sea of green which is the colour of the gas ‘but someone still yelling out and stumbling’ The soldier is drowning as the gas invades his lungs. ‘as a green sea, I saw him drowning’ in stanza 3 the poet has a recurring nightmare of the soldier he saw dying in agony, a sight that will stay with him forever. In the last stanza, stanza 4 the poet attacks the people at home who do not realise the reality of war and the suffering of the soldiers. “My friend ....” is aimed at an author who writes children’s fiction who glorifies war. He could see the sights especially this soldier who is dying from inhaling gas writhing in pain this is because he couldn’t get his mask on quick enough. Route March Rest is the Second World War poem I am going to compare. This is split up into stanzas as well like dolce ET Decorum est. First stanza in this poem there are contrasts with nature, childhood, village peace with the brutalising of men sent off to fight and die overseas. B Company is a long machine not individuals or real people ‘a long machine that clanked and throbbed’ In stanza two the men stop for a rest , there is a school , they can see delicate flowers and children
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