Compare The Role Played By Reason And Imagination In At Least Two Areas Of Knowledge. Essay

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The Areas of Knowledge is a spectrum consisting of a group of seven subjects; mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, history, the arts, ethics, and spirituality. These are all an essential part of the Theory of Knowledge course, as each subject plays it's part in adding up to our knowledge. Every subject, of course, is different and acquires and requires different kind of knowledge and understanding. Theory of Knowledge explores these subjects and the knowledge in them, determining whether it is reliable, true or valid and aids to explain how we know certain things taught by these subjects. In this essay I will be focusing on two subjects; Mathematics and Physics; a natural science, and analyzing the role that reason and imagination play in both subjects. Reasoning is thinking that aims at a conclusion, using formal logic which studies the principles of correct reasoning. There are two types of reasoning; deductive and inductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning is what can help us reach a certainty in a conclusion, while inductive reasoning are merely able to bring us probability in a conclusion. Imagination, however, is basically the opposite of Reasoning, as it is based merely on the creativity of the mind and the formation of mental ideas and images, memories and abstract nouns, things that are not followed by logic, certainty or true premises, and which are usually not realistic and which cannot be perceived by our five senses. Both Mathematics and Physics, as do all the other subjects in the Areas of Knowledge, have important roles played by reason and imagination. Mathematics is defined as a subject based entirely on reasoning and logic, as maths is a language of patterns and relationships, which never fail and never have random exceptions. It is a body of knowledge centered on concepts such as quantity, structure, space, and change. Math is used

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