Compare Netflix to Cinema

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Alexander Johnson English 100 March 29 2013 Professor Dellasanta Movie Cinema and Netflix Online There are different ways to experience a movie but two of them are almost alike, Netflix and Cinemas. The Movie Cinemas are too costly,and Netflix is an at home movie theatre experience that is cheaper. The Movie theaters cost per each movie while netflix you can pay one month of and get all the recent movies that just came out on dvd and television shows you might have missed. As the whole movie theatre experience goes you can basically get that at home with netflix but you just have to connect to a television or a projector. The reliability of a movie loading at home on a laptop or computer is faster and you do not have to wait for the previews to end. People do not feel like traveling to the Cinemas with the prices of gas nowadays so they stay at home and have a movie night at home. The Cinema has many ways it is less convenient that Netflix at home, the costs and the noisiness of others. The costs of a movie theatre for one person is over fifteen dollars and for that u can get almost two months of netflix. At home you can make a meal instead of having to pay extra for snacks popcorn and drinks. At home you can have the family around with you as you watch the movies and there won't be people you do not know. Your family will sit there and sometimes be quiet but you cannot always count on the people in a Cinema to be as silent as people watching a movie at home. Cinemas offer the 3D effect and u cant get this at home it is by far better than your own home laptop. Also the movie theatres you can only watch one movie at a time, but netflix you can watch as many movies as u want in one day. Even though the movies are newer in Cinemas you can still watch the older ones that are on dvd now. You get the theatre experience with the people enjoying the same movie you
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