Compare How the Writer Explores Their Thoughts and Feelings in Nettles to One Other Poem.

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Compare how the writer explores their thoughts and feelings in Nettles to one other poem. [15marks]. In Nettles the writer is telling a past tense story of the father son relationship when young children injure themselves and the father is there to care for them however in The Habit if Light a story is being told about the repetitiveness of a mother in her home. In Nettles the writer starts off by telling us what happened to the boy where he ‘fell in the nettle bed’, the use of the word fell shows us that this is in past tense, its a memory, likewise in The Habit if Light the writer starts off by telling us what the mother did where ‘she liked to switch on the lamps’, again the use of the word liked tells us that this is in past tense and that its another memory. During Nettles the writer tells us that ‘the boy came seeking comfort’, this shows that the child feels as if he needs to go to his father to feel better and the father feels that it his responsibility to make sure that the boy feels safe and protected, however in The Habit if Light there is no signs that the mother is looking after the children or the children are going to her to seek comfort and better health, this could tell us that she is an independent women that doesn’t need other people around bothering her. Mid-way through the Nettles poem there is a change in the way the story is told, the father starts to get an anger for the ‘green spears’ that caused his son pain, ‘And then I took my billhook, honed the blade And went outside and slashed in fury with it’, this symbolises that the father is trying to defend his child and stop him from being hurt again however in The Habit if Light the poem only seems to get better as the things said about the mother are all positive, it is like all the writer wants to do is show how good the mother is and that she wouldn’t hurt anyone. Overall both poems show
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