Compare How Relationships Are Presented in "In Paris with You" with "To His Coy Mistress

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In the poem I have chosen to compare "In Paris with you " to "To his coy mistress", in comparison to each other both poems have many similarities but the differences are shown in how the use the structure, language and theme to create different effects on the reader. To show the poems are about relationships the writer has written in first person which is the perspective of one of the people in the relationship talking about the other person. In both of the poems the theme being portrayed is 'Love' in, In Paris with you this is shown throughout the language Fenton uses "Don't talk to me of love" in this poem to show the theme of love Fenton just repeats the word love in the context, this acts as a reminder to the reader to constantly tell us it's about love this particular quote says the he or she has heard of love too many times. "In To his coy mistress" Marvel shows the theme of love by also using the word in the context "Nor would I love at a lower rate" looking upon both quotes used its shows the reader and I that the poems have two different attitudes towards love, James Fenton is more abrupt towards love because the poem is about going to Paris not to fall in love but to have fun and just have sex, using them as a rebound "resentful mess I've been through" to get over a past lover where as Marvell is showing the positive sides to love and that he cares about it more. In Addition to this In Paris with you shows repetition "don't talk to me of love" showing resentment to taking part in any romantic activities "say sod off to sodding Notre Dame" supporting our point in Fentons abrupt view, there is no repetition in "to his coy mistress" and they writer does take interest in romantic activities " Thou by the Indian Ganges side shouldest' find rubies" in comparison to in Paris with you Andrew Marvell presents the person as a hopeless romantic, this
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