Compare How Feelings Are Presented in 'Hitcher', on My First Sonne, the Laboratory and Anne Hathaway Essay

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Feelings are presented in many different ways in the poems in the ‘Literature’ section of the Anthology that I have studied. Strong feelings of anger, jealousy and love are shown in some of the poems. However, lack of feeling and emotion can also be seen in some of the poems. I will be discussing the way different feelings are presented in Hitcher, Anne Hathaway, The Laboratory and ‘On my first Sonne’. The poem Anne Hathaway is a tribute to Shakespeare. It is written in the form of a sonnet – a traditional love poem. Duffy uses the character of Anne Hathaway to present a feeling of love. “The bed we loved in was a spinning world of forests, castles, torchlight, clifftops, seas where he would dive for pearls.” A deep feeling of love is conveyed metaphorically by comparing the couple’s bed to a romantic, fantasy world. All of the places mentioned are key settings for some of Shakespeare's most famous works, this shows how special Hathaway considers the couple's lovemaking. Similarly, On My first Sonne demonstrates a feeling of love but also sadness. The poem is written by Ben Jonson and is about the unfortunate and sad loss of his son. Jonson say’s “My sinne was too much hope of thee, lov’d boy”. This demonstrates the extent of love Jonson felt for his son, so much in fact that he views it as a “sinne”. This perhaps suggests that with the loss of his son, Jonson has lost his faith. The Laboratory on the hand conveys a completely different feeling. The speaker is deeply angered and bitter about her lover’s affair with another woman. As a result she makes a poison to kill the woman with. “Pound at thy powder, - I am not in haste!” The immense feeling of anger and violence is shown in this quotation with the word “pound” – it’s almost as if the speaker wants to do this to the people she has been deceived by. Although the feelings presented in The Laboratory are very

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