‘Compare How Disturbed Characters Romeo and the Lover Are Presented’

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‘Compare how disturbed characters Romeo and the Lover are presented’ Romeo out of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and the lover out of ‘porphyria’s lover’ are two very disturbed characters, whom are in very similar situations. ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was written in 1595 and ‘porphyria’s lover’ was written in 1836. Both poem and play are dramatic language based, but Romeo and the Lover are completely different characters but both their action are very disturbed. In this essay, I will compare the states of mind of the two main characters. ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is an example of Elizabethan theatre which emphasizes language. Throughout the play we see the high points and the low points of Romeo’s emotions. This could be described as going from one extreme to another. As we first meet Romeo, he comes across as a very love stricken character. The language used gives a clear indication in to the disturbed state of mind of Romeo. At the first point we meet Romeo, he love stricken over a girl called Rosaline. Romeo is deeply in love with Rosaline and these shows in his behaviour. As a result of this, Romeo in his chambers ‘pens himself’. He shuts up his window and makes himself an artificial night. He is his own affections councillor and so secret and close that his friends and family cannot get near. He is in a world of his own and is shutting the outside world out as a result of his love. The audience asses his state of mind as infatuated or you could say a typical love stricken teenager. Romeo uses many contradiction of love, pairs such as feather and lead. These are oxymorons. Romeo’s emotions start to control his life and dictate the actions and the path ways of Romeo’s life. The dramatic effect keeps reminding the audience that his love stricken state is ‘inside out’. His contradictory feelings of his mind show that in his head, things are confused. This is dramatised by the quote ‘love
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