Compare Fat And Why Don't You Dance

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Essay : compare “Fat” and “Why Don’t You Dance” Antonin Lagrue 2nd3 Compare FAT and WHY DON’T YOU DANCE (WDYD) from this collection focusing on how the writer explores difficulties of communication between the sexes. FAT and WHY DON’T YOU DANCE (WDYD) are two very different yet very similar stories by Raymond Carver. FAT is about a young waitress, strangely fascinated by a fat man. WDYD is about a young couple running into a man, recently single. In both of these novels there is a couple who have trouble communicating with each other until a third character appears and changes the couple’s relationship. In FAT the author shows a lot of difficulties of communication between the couple, Rudy and the waitress. The first time in the story Rudy talks to the young girl, it’s to mock and laugh at the fat man “Rudy just laughs”. The young waitress defends her customer when he gets insulted and mocked “he can’t help it so shut up”. Rudy later on, starts worrying at how she acts with the fat man. He undermines him and makes him feel like a piece of trash “fat stuff”. Rudy starts to belittle the fat man by bringing up his past when he bullied two fat children. He is trying to show his girlfriend that fat people are weak and worthless and that she shouldn’t be preoccupied by him. He does this because he feels threatened by the fat man and feels insecurity. He feels his girlfriend has interest in another man. The fact he is being threatened by a fat man shows the weakness of their relation because any man, even with health problems, can break their relationship. The fat man interferes in the story by making the young waitress rethink her love to Rudy. She starts by describing the man’s fingers “long, thick, creamy fingers” but without showing any disgust; in the contrary she somehow adds a sexual aspect. This is a
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