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Supercharger VS Turbocharger My love of cars began when I was seven years old. My father and I used to drive around by the beach in our 1969 Mustang. Every time I hung out with my father, I could picture myself driving his car. I could feel the power of the engine revving under the hood. It was the most powerful car I ever rode in. One day, my father for no reason decided to sell the Mustang. That really shocked me. Because of this, my love of muscle cars continued to grow and I started dreaming of having my own powerful car, my own Mustang. My dream finally came true. Now I own my dream car, a beautiful Mustang. One day, I was driving on the highway and I realized that something was missing in my Mustang; it didn’t have the power my father’s car had. I really wanted to find a solution for this. After some hunting around, I discovered I could increase the horsepower. The easiest way is by adding a supercharger or a turbocharger. Either of them could increase the power by as much as 50%. I read about both to decide which I should go with. I found out that both have advantages and disadvantages. In order to understand the supercharger and the turbocharger, we need to know a basic principal of the engine’s power. The power of the engine is a result of the combustion of the fuel mixed with air. The greater the amount of fuel burned, the greater the power. Thus, increasing the amount of air mixed with fuel allows more fuel to burn and provides a great deal more power. Both the supercharger and the turbocharger compress the air and force it into the engine to increase the combustions. The turbocharger has two important advantages over the supercharger. The most important advantage is that it converts wasted exhausted air to useful power while the supercharger uses some of the engine’s power thus it causing some of the engine’s power to be lost. This lose could be

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