Compare Dreams Between Genesis and Dreams Epic of Gilgamesh

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Swapnesh Shah 10/16/2013 In ancient times most of the past history has been recorded by human race. The first stories were tales of heroic men, hunt through their land in search of some noble prize. Stories like these are known as epics give us an excellent idea of the lifestyles and basic thought processes of humans in Neolithic era. The accounts told in the Bible are along the lines of these epics, especially those in the past corroboration. In this epic, the legends give us some spiritual idea of the beginning of time and the accounts of early man. Gilgamesh was an historical person. Gilgamesh was half human and half god. Ishtar was a queen of heaven. In the between of story Enkidu was enemy first and became a great companion of Gilgamesh. One day Ishtar sends bull of heaven with the help of her parents. Bull of heaven was created by Enu and Antum. Bull of heaven came down to Mesopotamia and started destroying cities and villages, so Gilgamesh killed bull of heaven with the help of Enkidu. One night Enkidu had a dream of Ishtar cursing him that he will die of sickness and that dream did become true. If we compare the stories of, The Epic of Gilgamesh, with those of the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis, we not only discover some remarkable similarities, but also some conspicuous differences. If there is one thing that all early accounts revolve around, that is the idea of a divine being or, in other words, god. Ancient humans were extremely religious, holding the belief that their very lives were in the hands of their god. This holds true for both the people of biblical times as well as those of the epic era. However, even as both groups believed in a supreme being, they harbored different feelings and beliefs about the subject. In the epic, many gods are mentioned and worshiped, such as Ninsun and Shamash. These gods can give birth to mortals,

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