Compare And Contrast Two Educational Theorist.

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Compare and contrast two theorist. Effective teachers are aware of the various ways children grow and develop. Growth and development can be described from several theoretical points of view. Teachers who understand and form an opinion about the various theories consciously create environments, plan activities, and manage behaviors in ways that nurture children according to their beliefs. Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky each developed theories of child development which can be used in an educational setting. Jean Piaget, a Swiss epistemologist, was the most prominent in the field of cognitive psychology in his time and the most important contributor to the constructivist education theory. His theory of cognitive development was based on the notion that cognitive abilities, one’s ability to think, are developed as individuals mature physiologically and have opportunities to interact with their environment. He describes interactions as the equilibration of accommodation and assimilation. According to Piaget, individuals are endowed with cognitive dispositions and capabilities. When an individual encounters new information or stimuli, he is brought into a state of disequilibrium. Through the complimentary process of accommodation (adjusting prior knowledge gained through experiences) and assimilation (fitting new information with what was previously understood) individuals return to a state of equilibrium. According to Piaget, this is how learning takes place. Piagetian theory describes learning is discrete and predictable stages. The stages of development are sensorimotor stage, preoperational stage, concrete operational stage, and formal operations. In the sensorimotor stage, the child’s age is from zero to two years old. During this first stage the child learns from the environment and through their senses. The second stage of development is preoperational stage.
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