Compare And Contrast &Quot;The Jungle And Fast Food Nation&Quot;

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Compare and Contrast Essay The Jungle & Fast Food Nation Americas’ food industry has concealed corrupt ethics, which unfolds in Schlosser, Eric Fast Food Nation and Sinclair, Upton The Jungle, which are very disturbing. Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation recent thorough study behind our popular everyday food choices brings light to many shocking facts that are widely unknown. Schlosser’s research covers in depth the contributing sources, history establishment and resulting consequences of American’s fast food consumption. Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle also entails an extensive look into the disquieting reality and the gruesome results of America’s food demand. Although Sinclair’s investigation tells a story of the toll the meatpacking industry took on families nearly a hundred years ago, he still offers insight into the deceiving side of America’s food corruptions. Both writers brilliantly offer realization and awareness in their books that will benefit anyone who reads them to make better decisions daily. The description of the factory farming slaughterhouses in both books is enough to send chills down almost anyone’s spine; The Jungle opens with the cruel tactics, yet Fast Food Nation did not mention the slaughterhouses until midway. As Jurgis and his family tour the packinghouse where he will be working as a shoveler,(shoveling blood and guts) they first see what seems to be millions of cows. There are rail yards that carry the cattle to the slaughterhouse where the mechanics of the process are awe-inspiring. 8-10 million cattle, hogs and sheep are turned into food each year at this plant. They start at the hog slaughterhouse where the screams of the hogs are so appalling, the female visitors start to cry. The process of slaughter is so mechanical that the fate of the hogs is pondered, if there is a place for these hogs after death where their cries

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