Compare & Contrast Learning To Read And Write

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Learning to read is different for everyone, but always a memorable time. Authors Malcom X and Frederick Douglass are famous for their many works of literature. But at one point they didn't always have it so easy. "Learning to Read" by Malcom X, and "Learning to Read and Write"by Frederick Douglass are very emotional narratives on their struggles and long journey of learning to read and gaining an education. Althoughboth narratives are about learning to read, their journeys include many differences also. Frederick Douglass was an African American slave, born in February of 1818. In his narrative "Learning to Read and Write" he lists the ways he learned how to read and write, using exemplififcation. While noting that Douglass had to sneak around for books, he didnt have any sort of education around him, which made his strive for education a lot stronger. He was forced to teach himself how to read, considering no one cared enough about African American to offer them an edcation, so he leardned from books. In his narrative disscussing the role of education in a democracy that has failed him and how everyone is vulnerable to corruption under slavery. Malcom X was an African American Muslim, born in May of 1925. In his narrative "Learning to Read" he tells the reader how he first started reading, using a cause and effect method. He had A selection of books around him, but was still secretive about reading. Malcom had no one to learn from, no one to teach him anything, and he wanted an education, so he taugh himself how to read. In his narrative describing how the white man has always had the upper hand when it comes to African American people and the role of education in a democracy that excluded him. Both Frederick Douglass and Malcom X narratives were extremely emotional. Both could be described as a message for life, proving to everyone an anyone
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