Compare/Contrast Essay on Night and When the Emperor Was Divine

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Readers around the world have focused their attention to the most famous books like, the Harry Potter Series or maybe even The Davinci Code. Some do not realize that books that are not really conversed about are the most interesting. Harry Potter and The Davinci Code may be very entertaining books since one focuses on the supernatural and the other religion, but neither books talk about past, “deep” history. Two books that do go back to historical facts are Night and When the Emperor Was Divine. The New York Times has said that the novel, Night, was “A slim volume of terrifying power.” The Los Angeles Times has also said that, When the Emperor Was Divine, is, “a gentle, understated novel…has more power than any other I have read about this time.” Both reviews express that the two novels express some type of strong emotion that impacts the readers and also the reviewers. Although these two novels are great to explain a lot on the events of how living in a concentration and holocaust camps are, they have a lot of differences and also similarities. In the two novels, Night and When the Emperor Was Divine, both plots are written about a war going on and how families are uprooted from their homes and taken hostage. Although these two stories have this similarity, there are plenty of differences. The characters in When the Emperor Was Divine were from a Japanese heritage. They lived in America but were Japanese-Americans. They ate like Japanese people, and acted like them. Just as any kind of Asian who follows their religions; however, in Night, the characters were Jewish. This novel took place during Hitler’s reign, so therefore, the Jews were taken hostage. So a major difference between the books was the different ethnicities. Another difference was that the characters were named in one book, but in the other book they were not. In When the Emperor Was

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