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Compare & Contrast Essay

  • Submitted by: alwayzdivine06
  • on March 18, 2009
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Today, there are 76.6 million students enrolled in primary, secondary, and post secondary schools across America.   Of those 76.6 million, there are approximately 16.5 million that are high school students, and 17.5 million that are college students.   Students in high school vary between the ages 14-18.   The age range of a college student can vary. Certain freedoms are denied to high school students but are given to college students.   Because of the liberties allotted to college students, the differences between high schools and colleges are prevalent.

In high school, students are bombarded with rules that deny them simple liberties.   The minimal act of walking to the bathroom requires the permission of a teacher as well as a “permission pass” or “hall pass”.   In college, if one needs to leave the classroom for any reason, be it necessary (like using the restroom) or extraneous (like having to make a phone call), one can simply get up and do so.   Other such liberties denied high school students include the freedom of choice in regards to clothing.   Many public high schools have “dress codes” if not actual uniforms.   These regulations often prohibit certain clothing styles (from tank tops to hooded jackets, from ripped jeans to sandals).   In college, even pajamas are deemed acceptable attire.   College undergraduates are free to wear whatever suits them on scheduled school days.

Whereas, in a public high school, students are given a set schedule, college students are given the freedom to pick classes on a day and time that is convenient for them.   On their first day of school, high school students receive their set schedule of the classes that are necessary for graduation.   This agenda tells the student that he/she is required to attend specific classes daily between the school’s functioning hours.   This outline does not allow for much fluctuation. Contrastingly, college students have the liberty of choosing which classes and at what times he/she desires to take...

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