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Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Compare/Contrast While anyone interested in pop culture has probably watched or heard of the classic hit, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring Audrey Hepburn; very few knew of the book it was based on by the same name. Acclaimed author, Truman Capote, wrote Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It depicted a socialite, named Holly Golightly, a free spirit who keeps in good wealth by getting paid 50$ by men who are pursuing her whenever she visits the bathroom. She meets the unnamed narrator when he moves into her building. He spends the rest of the novel analyzing her life and reflecting on her reasoning for her pursuit of a wealthy man. While I enjoyed the book and movie respectively, there were quite a few things changed with the adaptation. First off, the movie was jumped ahead into the 60’s while the book takes place in the 1940’s. They do however, both take place in Manhattan. One of the biggest alterations to the movie was the relationship between Holly and the narrator or ‘Fred’ as Holly preferred to call him. In the novella, ‘Fred’ forms a tentative friendship with Holly and is intrigued by her life. There is no romance between these two; it’s even rumored that the narrator might possibly be gay. In the movie however, Fred becomes quickly enamored with her while he watches her chase after wealthy men and even get in trouble with the law. In both versions, she remains a mystery. ‘Fred’ himself is changed as well. While in the book, he is a struggling writer attempting at getting his work published, in the movie, he is a ‘kept man’ with a wealthy woman paying for all his expenses. He also is shown as a fairly successful writer who’s going through a bad case of writer’s block. This is probably changed to give him something to find in common with Holly, them both earning the majority of their money through unorthodox means. It also provides someone

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