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Instructor Garza-Horne Essay 1 Assignment Compare-Contrast Essay For this essay compare and contrast two themes or ideas in any story found in the class textbook. You can choose what you want to compare and contrast (ex: characters, imagery, point of view, plot, theme, style, authors, tone, or setting.). For essay one, I recommend the point by point method, or discuss all aspects of one story and then all aspects of the other story. Remember that you will need a thesis statement, which will include the two stories you are comparing and what it is that you are comparing and contrasting about them. In addition, you will need a solid introduction with an attention-getter, body paragraphs that develop your response, and a conclusion that gives your reader something to take with them. You must use specific evidence from the text (quotes) to support your point. Make sure to use internal citations for all quotes, and to create a Works Cited page. Refer to your book for a sample compare-contrast essay. Thesis Statement: You need to formulate a strong thesis that: * Names the subjects being compared and contrasted * Indicates whether the essay focuses on the subjects’ similarities, differences, or both * States the essay’s main point of comparison or contrast-this will be your plan of development for the paper (food, clothing, entertainment, etc) ALL STORIES MUST COME FROM THE CLASS TEXTBOOK: Read, Reason, Write: An Argument Text and Reader,10th ed., by Dorothy U. Seyler [RRW]. Paper Requirements: Follow MLA Guidelines Proper Heading (Name, Instructor’s Name, Class, Date) and Header (Student’s Last Name pg #) 2 to 3 FULL pages or longer (Note: The 2nd page is not the Works Cited page) Double spaced 12 point font Times New Roman 1 inch margins 3rd person Point of View No Contractions Quotes (minimum of two) Internal Citations Works

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