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In “Stray” and “A Ride Home”, there was a crucial and meaningful common theme. The theme is “have a heart.” I think that this is very important because it teaches us to be compassionate and caring. In “Stray”, the theme took place all over the text. Doris took an abandoned puppy she found in a January blizzard and took care of it. On the first day, she fed it and gave it shelter in her basement. Over the next nine days, she cared for it and kept begging her parents for her to keep it. However, her dad wanted to take it to the pound immediately. When the snow cleared, her dad took the dog to the pound. Doris wasn’t expecting her dad to come back home with the abandoned puppy but when he came home with the dog; he told why he wasn’t taking it to the pound. The dad said: “Worst looking place I’ve ever seen. Ten dogs to a cage. Smell was enough to knock you down. And they give an animal six days to live. Then they kill it with some kind of a shot.” In some ways, the dad had a heart because he said he “wouldn’t leave an ant in there” and didn’t want to see animals in pain. In “A Ride Home”, Janet had a heart. She wanted to protect her dad by not telling him about what the students think about him. She just told him she hated the school and the people in it. She simply told him if they can move to another place as soon as possible. Janet didn’t want her dad’s feelings to get hurt so she just says that she wants to get out. Later, she realizes that she isn’t the only one with parents getting laughed at. The boy who offered Janet a ride shared a secret with her. The boy said that his mother is as heavy as her father. Later on, Janet takes the ride home because she realizes there are people like her and she has a heart to understand those people who have the same experience. In conclusion, the common theme is “have a heart”. I think that this is a

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