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Drama, reality show, lying, back stabbing, fighting, bulling are just some words that will describe the ladies off of Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives Miami. These two shows are the talk of everyone on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and the list goes on. The theme of these two shows was supposed to be similar but the title of the shows make it look as if it’s different but trust me these ladies are very much alike. If you would to actually site down and watch the show you will understand where I’m coming from. Please let me explain why the shows are very much alike by the characters, drama, and also family issues. Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives have the same characters. In every show you will find the bully, lair, peacemaker, the one that always try to fit in with everyone. Tammie and Chrissie the two bullies’ o the show where they want everything to be real and love to get to the bottom of everything with no pieces left out. They are the one that will smell a fake person from a mile away and have zero tolerance. Olivia and Suez they love to be in the middle of everything but then again try to be the peacemaker at the same time. For example, ever had a friend in which you always find them changing when they get around certain people. On the other hand, drama will always happened when you are around a whole lot of girls. Drama was the making of the show every episode someone will be fighting about something someone else said. He says she was the best part because everyone will always try yo get down to the bottom of it. People will start drama for the hell of it due to the fact that was brings more people to watch the show. Left and right someone will start something then when someone will try to find out where it really came from and the words that was said everything will always be changed. Family issues something that you never want to be seen on

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