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compare and contrast Essay

  • Submitted by: mcgeel1
  • on February 22, 2008
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Compare and Contrast
What makes us so special as human beings? A human is superior to animals, in the fact that humans are given that choice of common sense and free will. Granted that the human are born with natural instinct just like animal, we are given the superior intelligence of knowing the difference of acting instinctively using our intelligence but also in the same thought human beings when put in a life or death situation will react instinctively just as any wild animal would do.
Humans are very clever because we have all five senses for ex: when we touch, we feel and we also have the ability to use them all at the same time. Some animals don’t have all five senses and yes, there are animals that have better hearing, seeing, smelling ect. than humans but, that still does not make them the most intelligent creature in the planet. Humans became more intelligent as the years went by. Humans and animals are alike in the sense that we are born as babies and as we grow up we learn or are shown to adapt to our environment and surroundings, but that is where the comparison ends. Once the animal learns its purpose, it pretty much conforms to its surroundings. As opposed to humans, who being more intelligent than animals, learn to read, write, spell and so on and so forth the learning process continues throughout our lives.
I myself have wondered what it would be like being able to soar through the air free as a bird being able to fly over the terrain without any human constraints or conformities not like human beings who need to abide by so many laws, “no you can’t pass this land,” “no trespassing allowed”. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to see or fly over all of this beautiful country with out any human restrictions?
The thought of being able to go any where or be anywhere and build your own shelter without having to purchase a piece of land, a building permit or any material because the material is provided for free once again not having to conform to...

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