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Main Idea | Details | What is the typical content of a compare and contrast essay? | * Uses details to describe ways in which the two things are different * Shifts to the main difference * Poses questions | What is a compare and contrast essay? | * An essay that answers the question What is the difference? * Can be used for anything * Most college essays have this form of compare and contrast * Used in everyday life for questions “what to wear” “what to see” “should I change lifestyle” * Similar to description, narration, example, classification in that forces you to observe and look for similarities and differences | What is key to making a good C-C essay? | * Make sure each comparison is fair * E.g. don’t compare fast food to French restaurant unless both are horrible and you don’t want to spend money there * In such example use a humorous tone or try another subject and use only most important differences | What essays use C-C? | * Description, narration, definition use it to heighten a difference or clarify a pt. * All of them different | How can I shape C-C for my readers? | * Three possible thesesX is better or worse than y.X has a lot in common with y, though not obviously soX is quite different from y though superficially similar * Comparison can be used to entertain your readers | How do I use analogy in my C-C essay? | * Analogy: extended metaphor (implied but direct comparison in which the primary term is made more vivid by associating it with a dissimilar term) or simile (metaphor + like/as) in which a primary term is equated with another dissimilar term * Can emphasize a pt or illuminate an idea and make it concrete so the reader can understand * Extend similes to have an analogy | How can I structure my essay | * Comparison is made by blocks (comparison of x to y by grouping all that is to be

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