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Compare and Contrast Boyz in the Hood and Menace to Society This made the films practically alike in the significant aspects of plot, setting characters and most importantly the underlying message. Both John Singleton's ‘Boyz n the Hood’ and the Hughes brothers ' Menace II Society ' carry the theme of the different struggles and angst in the lives of the young black residents of Los Angeles suburbs . In doing so the two films depended on the moving , sincere and extra-ordinary characters of Tre Styles and brothers Doughboy and Ricky Baker as well as that of Caine Lawson in Boy n the Hood ' and Menace II Society respectively (Singleton , 1991 Hughes Hughes , 1993 Foremost of the resemblance between the two films, it is their identical and unmistakable portrayal, wherein the young black members of the society were type-cast in several evils of the neighborhood such as poverty, sex, drugs and crimes that unfortunately made them of what they are now. Subsequently, the two movies were also alike in imparting to the public that the future lives of young urban blacks really depend on their decision whether to remain or get out of such damaging stereotyping. This is particularly manifested by Lawson when he said I ain‘t gonna end up like them (Hughes Hughes , 1993 . Similarly in the Singleton movie, Styles and Ricky Baker opted to take an upright living rather than succumb to the evilness of their society unlike Doughboy Baker who chose to submit to hostility, drug, sex and crime which were offered by his neighborhood (Singleton , 1991) The only difference notable in the movies is the points of decision to change the labeling of young blacks. Boyz n the Hood ' immediately showed the choice to be good made by Styles and Ricky Baker and it just required the latter's death for the bad Baker teen to realize

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