Compare and Contrasting the Parson and the Pardoner

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FULL NAME TEACHER/PROFESSOR’S NAME COURSE NAME DATE (DD/MM/YY) Comparing and Contrasting the Parson and the Pardoner In The Canterbury Tales, a compilation of narratives written by Geoffrey Chaucer, tells the stories of every character’s travel on the journey to the shrine of Saint Thomas a Becket. Two of the many characters that attend on this journey are the Parson and the other is the Pardoner. In some ways, they can relate, and in other ways, they can be the complete opposite of each other. Three ways these two characters are related or unrelated are the ways they are described, the reasons for their pilgrimage, and their expectations. One way the Parson and the Pardoner differ is the way they would have been described. The way you would describe the Parson would not be the same as the way you would describe the Pardoner. For an example, you would say that the Parson is: A holy-minded man of good renown There was, and poor, the Parson to a town, Yet he was rich in holy thought and work. (Lines 487-489) He knew God’s word well and was able to preach and teach it to parishioners. The Parson is patience in the face of adversity. He gives what he has to the poor because: He hated to extort a fee, Nay he would rather he preferred beyond a doubt Giving to the poor parishioners round about Both from church offerings and his property. (Lines 496-499) Chaucer thought that there was no priest better than the Parson. The Pardoner, on the other hand, is untrustworthy, greedy, and immoral. He only cares about making money and he will do anything to get it. Whatever he earns goes straight into his wallet that he keeps close to himself rather than give it to the church. The Pardoner lives off of scamming people of their money. He is a good preacher, but unlike the Parson, he does not follow what he preaches and he doesn’t care whether or not if anyone
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