Compare and Contrast Willy Loman and Oedipus Rex as as Tragic Hero

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EFFECT WATCHING TELEVISION ON STUDY HABITS Televison effect Television is so awful, and students watch so much of it, that it's not surprising that there's been much sociological research on its effects. Most of the studies, though, suffer from the third-factor effect - yes, student who watch a lot of TV tend to be more aggressive, but could a third factor explain both behaviors? Student with lower IQ scores also tend to watch more TV and be more violent, as do person from poorer families. The correlations between heavy TV watching and other behaviors could be merely effects from common cause. Definition Television habits consist of patterns of behavior determined by the amount of time and importance individuals give to watching television broadcasts and recorded videos and DVDs. Description Ever since the 1ate 1940s when television first became available, social scientists have been interested in its effect on behavior. Originally seen as entertainment for adults and older children, television in the twenty-first century is watched by all age groups, including infants. More than 98 percent of homes in the United States have at least one television set. Many have more. One study found that 32 percent of children age’s two to seven had television sets in their bedroom. This number increased to 65 percent for children ages eight to 18. Although television can be an educational tool for student, exposing them to information and situations that they cannot experience first hand, social scientists and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have raised specific concerns about the effect of television watching on young student development. Areas of concern include: inability of young student to distinguish between television fantasy and reality exposure to television violence, especially where violence is not shown to have any serious consequences exposure

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