Compare And Contrast William Bradford And John Smith

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In the history of the early 1600s, were two influential men in the New World, they were Captain John Smith and Governor William Bradford. But, who were there?, and what are the differences and the similarities that they have between each other? To understand what it will talk about it should to start defining the word leadership; it is the act of directing or guiding a group. Here are two examples of different leaderships, John Smith’s leadership get as result a colony named Jamestown, and William Bradford’s colony was named Plymouth Plantation. This is about what will basically treat this comparison of these historic persons that wrote their experiences in America. John Smith and William Bradford are two explorers that came to America to write about the New World. There are many comparisons and contrasts between William Bradford and John Smith. Both Bradford and Smith were early American writers .Both established colonies and focused on survival on below different leaderships . The first similarity between William Bradford and John Smith was when they first settled in America they wanted to teach the Indians their ways of life. This included religion and the way that they live in a more “civilized society”. But Captain John Smith and Governor William Bradford also differ in their view of the Native Americans. To start, Smith…show more content…
John Smith, at best, was a hero, let’s say who has ego issues, lacks the value of human life, and loves a bloody adventure. Smith thus embodies the American dream—he’s the admired leader, gets to be in the middle of head-spinning action, and is irresistible to the ladies. William Bradford, though, appears to be opposite in personality; never seeking thrills or "sinful" fame. His dream, which he did live out to some extent, was to be a servant leader and teacher in the New World's

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