Compare And Contrast Us Vs Richard Nixon

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United States VERSUS RICHARD NIXON United States President Richard Nixon was considered one of America’s best Presidents ever to take office; he is one to accomplish many things, including the first American President to visit China. He was considered the best until he started to abuse his powers. President Nixon started to commit crimes against his country; he started to become a crook. For years Nixon was carrying on crimes but there was not noticed until he got himself involved in the Watergate scandal and made the biggest mistake of his time at office. The people of the U.S could not have a crook lead them; they had enough of Nixon and wanted him out of office. After a series of trails and cases, President Nixon was found guilty of committing…show more content…
For years Nixon was carrying on the crimes and they were not noticed until 1972. The date in which the Watergate scandal actually began was 1969 . It all started when Nixon had the White House staff make up a list called the enemies list. Nixon had enemies, which include about 300 liberal politicians, journalists and actors. Nixon then helps make a tax audit for these people where they are closely monitored that they pay the right amount of tax money . He also had agents find out personal information that would harm them politically. Nixon was worried that any of this information would leak out to the media in anyway, including from government officials. The president's agents helped him by wiretapping phone lines that belonged to reporters in order to find out any revealing material. Nixon was so worried about internal espionage that he felt he had to wiretap his own staff members . On June of 1972 in Washington, D.C., where the actual Watergate crisis happened, a burglary had occurred at the Watergate hotel where five people broke into the Democratic National Headquarters to steal some of their documents and also to bug their telephones. During the
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